Q1 2023 • Geo Comix Update

🚀  New

  • Improved proofreading to avoid over-clicking: automatic duplication of the edited version, cleaner interface, better understanding of who wrote what.

  • Automatic returns to the last edited translation.

  • 40 languages now available to automatically pre-translate through our DeepL API. Read more on pre-translation.

🔧  Bug fixes

  • Improved fluidity of the interface through in-depth technical work: significantly reduce latency by optimizing file loading, content display, text box creation and movement.

Q4 2022 • Geo Comix Update

🚀  New

  • Webtoon support: translate Webtoons on Geo Comix!

  • ePub import: import your translation files in ePub.

  • Support for RTL languages like Arabic.

  • Numbering the page structure: hover over the "Add" button to see each panel and each balloon numbered according to their position on the page.

🔧  Bug fixes

  • Improvements/automation of production processes.

  • Improved import and export to Photoshop, especially for the newly supported Webtoon.

Q3 2022 • Geo Comix Update

🚀  New

  • Menu with toggle items: choose your display preferences in the Translator bar, to always keep alternative translations or comments opened.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: from the settings menu on the top bar, find all the keyboard shortcuts you can do on Geo Comix.

🔧  Bug fixes

  • Interface improvement on the proofreading mode.

  • Warnings conflict fixed between source/target text.

  • Export improvements: we added a default paragraph style and a default (empty) character style, and more.

Q2 2022 • Geo Comix Update

🚀  New

  • Proofreading feature added: if you are not the author of a translation, you can now correct it directly, or duplicate it to propose alternative versions. Read more on the proofreading mode.

🔧  Bug fixes

  • Auto-save improvement both on the UI side, and by fixing an issue on page changes.

  • Adjustment of the coefficients for the maximum length, depending on the source/target languages.

  • Improved automation of PDF uploading.

Q1 2022 • Geo Comix Update

🚀  New

  • Ghost text with a visual limit to indicate the maximum length not to exceed to avoid lettering problems. Read more on Translation Assistance.

  • Projects classification regarding their status: listed according to whether they are active (with filters) or inactive (>1 month without intervention).

  • Korean added to supported languages.

🔧  Bug fixes

  • Auto-zoom adjustments to move slower on the focused balloon, as other UI improvements.

January 2022 • Geo Comix Launch

After 8 years of R&D on Geo AI, our unique Artificial Intelligence able to analyse all the elements on a comic book page, we officially launched Geo Comix.